Work Samples

Over the years I’ve had the privledge to work with some of the best companies in Atlanta, following are just some examples of the type of work I”ve done over the years.

The Coca-Cola Company

I was a graphic designer at TCCC for over five years. It was during a very exciting time, we were very involved with the 1996 Olympics, and the company actually closed down during the games and shipped employees out to work at the venues. It was also during a period of great growth in international markets, as well as a period that saw many new brands, rebranding of old brands (Tab Clear) and let’s not forget, Coke, New Coke, Coke II, and Coke Classic.

Below are some examples of logos I designed for various Coca-Cola groups, including research and the inhouse travel agency.




I got my first taste of proposal and presentation development at The Coca-Cola Company in International Marketing, often developing Powerpoint templates for field use to reflect branding strategies. Here are templates I dessigned for Hi-C and Cherry Coke (European Version).




Here are some other projects, a logo for the baseball sponsorship campaign and a piece of the venue signage I designed for the Olympics.



After working at The Coca-Cola Company, I woud start an exciting few years at KPMG Consulting, at the time one of the Big 5 Consulting firms in the country, with hundreds of offices and thousands of employees. Our business model for the NDPPS (National Design Presentation and Proposal Group) worked so well, the Atlanta group would grow and morph until we eventually covered the entire country. We also formed a SWAT team where we’d travel the country on high-profile or big-ticket proposal efforts. There were literally hundreds of presentations, proposals, responses to RFPs I worked on, below are just a cross section. Some were created from basic boiler plates that I helped develop; however, most of the high profile pitches were witten and custom designed from scratch.



Above: FedEx was a major client at the time, the team spent many a late night in hotel conference rooms ironing out these high profile, big ticket proposals.


When I moved to Florida with KPMG, I was in charge of ensuring that collateral work met the company standards and guidelines, as well as legal requirements. Here are some samples below:




After the heady days of the late 80s/90s the consulting industry faced a number of setbacks. I joined  through an old buddy that I had worked with at KPMG, and went into management, training, and operations.

I would come back to graphic design with Schawk International, where my main job was Signage Lead for their Home Depot Account. This entailed designing and producing a huge number of signs within Home Depot Creative guidelines and specifications. There were monthly banner and endcap programs, seasonal programs, and occasionally floor-to-ceiling signage refreshes. Below are some samples.


Above: Sample national newspaper ad.


Above: Sample program page, just one of the monthly endcap pieces, with an accompanying Ai


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